About Us

Head Trainer - Alana Warwick

Alana grew up here in Shepparton before pursuing the Melbourne dream as she begun heavily competing in body building. With several local, interstate and international competition experience under her belt she is back in Shepparton, Victoria where her fitness story begun ready to transform lives. 

Compeition Achievements


  • 10 Competitions;
  • 7 x First Place
  • 2 x Second Place
  • 1 x Third Place


  • WFF Overall Champion Tasmanian Classic 
  • WFF Overall Champion Peninsula Classic
  • WFF Overall Champion  Melbourne International
  • WFF Junior Miss Universe (Florida, US)
  • WFF Overall Professional Champion Pan Pacific's (Auckland, NZ)


  • Runner up Professional Bikini WFF Kahma Classic 


  • Runner up Professional Bikini WFF Intercontinental Cup (Shanghai, China)
  • WFF National Overall Professional Bikini Champion